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     Absolutely fantastic cleaners. Extremely detailed and highly professional.
     I highly recommend using this company for dependable, convenient cleanings on a regular basis and their designated cleaner never disappoints.
Lola P.22/05/2024
     Thanks to their efforts, we were able to select the perfect candidate from the pool of suitable applicants provided by the admins.
H. Edmond29/04/2024
     From start to finish, my experience with Carpet Cleaning Leytonstone was fantastic, the cleaners were so friendly and quick to respond to my inquiries. I will definitely be using their services again without hesitation.
     The way the cleaner approaches housekeeping reflects her sharp mind and keen attention to detail.
Claire H.21/03/2024
     My decision to use Leytonstone Carpet Cleaner again for my needs was an easy one after experiencing their top-notch service the first time around. And they did not disappoint for the second time.
Jane G.11/03/2024
     My living room carpet looks like new again, all thanks to the outstanding service from Leytonstone Carpet Cleaning Companies.
Elaine H.01/03/2024
     The dedicated cleaners went above and beyond by delivering top-notch deep cleanings on two properties and also taking care of additional tasks flawlessly.
Carmen Harvey11/02/2024
     We were thoroughly impressed by the professionalism and thoroughness displayed by Leytonstone Carpet Cleaner during our London flat's end of tenancy clean.
D. Walker22/01/2024
     Exceptional service, especially the deep clean - could not ask for better! Cleaning visits are done skillfully plus trustworthy and time efficient too!
Robert M.26/07/2023
     Relying on Carpet Cleaning Leytonstone for rug cleaning, I got precisely what I wanted.
     Working with the cleaners from Leytonstone Carpet Cleaning Companies was a great experience - their work was of an outstanding quality, so I won't hesitate to call them up if I need any help.
Brenda H.02/05/2023
     Hiring the men from Leytonstone Carpet Cleaning Companies truly made me happy! A small delay was present at first but they texted me prior to keep me updated. The person doing the work spoke English fluently and did an incredible job on my Flat. He put in more effort than expected, checked with me at every stage and left my Flat looking as new! I highly recommend their service; it really makes a difference.
Maria M.24/01/2023
     The cleaners from Leytonstone Carpet Cleaner do a deep cleaning at my flat once a week. It always looks immaculate after they're done. They are very reasonably priced, and their cleaning crew is friendly and professional.
Mallory H.21/05/2020
     My house has never felt this fresh in a long time. The Leytonstone Carpet Cleaning cleaners were friendly, fast, and careful with my furniture and other sensitive equipment. Definitely one of the best.
     My job is to help people execute a good move and sometimes people request for end of tenancy cleaning. LeytonstoneCarpetCleaners is by far the best cleaning team I have worked with. They are always prompt, work dedicatedly within stringent time limits and do a thorough job. They are definitely worth every bit of money you pay for them!
Susan R.18/02/2015
     Have to say thank you to the team at LeytonstoneCarpetCleaners and thank you to my friend for passing along the recommendation. As a landlord, one of my least favourite tasks is getting everything in order after a tenant has left. That's why I usually just hire end of tenancy cleaning professionals and leave the task up to the experts. By far the most effective and efficient team I've found are these guys, so if you're in a similar position to me, then they're the ones who I would be calling right now.
Eric F.07/01/2015
     Cleaning is a job I really cannot face after a long week at work and I wanted to get a good cleaning company who would get all the hard and disgusting jobs done for me. LeytonstoneCarpetCleaners have done just that and thanks to their exertions I no longer have to worry about cleaning the oven, the toilet or dusting the skirting boards and cupboard shelves. This cleaning company really earns its money and they were a brilliant investment. The cleaners come every two weeks and they get the whole place done in two hours.
Karen F.14/11/2014
     The amount of time which I've saved now is incredible. Ever since I decided to give a cleaning company a call, I have found that I am so much better prepared to get everything done in my life. They keep on top of the cleaning so that I don't have to and the difference which they're able to make in my home is fantastic. If you're thinking of hiring in a cleaner to help you out around the home, then I would certainly say that you need to give LeytonstoneCarpetCleaners a call. They're the best I've found in ages.
Raymond Jackson04/06/2014
     I must admit I'm not one of these that enjoys cleaning, I do it because I have to but I hardly enjoy it and I'm not exactly great at it either. I noticed a company called LeytonstoneCarpetCleaners and I thought why not try it out, others may think it's the lazy way out but I see it as ‘helping hand' and to be honest I certainly is, they attend to it all, they clean everything and they do it great. My home looks great and others notice the difference too. It's not that expensive and it's actually cost effective because I no longer have to buy all of those products myself, happy lady.
Gayle S.08/05/2014
     End of tenancy cleaning is pretty essential really. You never really know how you land lord is going to be with the deposit, so you need to avoid any chance that they could take to remove cash from it! I found that using LeytonstoneCarpetCleaners for my end of tenancy clean meant that my land lord could not fault a single thing in the flat, and I got my full deposit back! I spent very little on the clean itself, and considering that I had had quite a lot taken from the deposit at the flat before this one, I was extremely pleased with the value that the cleaning team gave me!